About our company

We are the manufacturer of premium class vitrified tiles, full body vitrified tiles (used for commercial purposes, such as airports, shopping malls), ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, quartz and engineered marbles of different size, shapes and designs. We have several categories of surface finish tiles, like glazed, unglazed and polished surface tiles.
Our tiles are of PEI group IV and V, and have an abrasion resistance of R11, as per DIN standard 51130.

More about us


To collaborate with our customers by providing them innovative and trendy designs, standard quality with competitive prices.


Our vision is to have a strong footprint in the global market by understanding the design imagination and quality requirements of our diversified customers.

Why work with us ?

We guarantee the quality of our products and can provide the samples free of cost to our customers within two weeks of enquiry for visualization and testing. After getting satisfaction with our samples, we definitely want to organise an appointment meeting our customers face-to-face in order to build on a high level of trust. We always like to meet our customers personally, because we believe in long term business relations with them.

Visit our catalogue and choose your design, colour and shape, suitable to your requirements. Our low prices and high qualities will definitely surprise you.

We have a wide range of products, such as..

Floor tiles, wall tiles, wall tiles for kitchen, tiles with wood texture, tiles with natural stone design (like marble and granite), tiles with stone profile, tiles for balcony and terrace, parking/garage tiles, garden tiles (2 CM thickness) and Quartz.

Visit our next page “Products” to have an overview of these technical terms. This page helps you to decide on the product which fits your budget and requirements.


With more than 1500 designs, we make sure to find your selection with us.


If you think good quality is always costly, then you are wrong. Our quality and cost will amaze you.


Without a good service a name can never become a brand. We know this truth.


Trust is the base of any successful business. To make this, we have a strong sales network worldwide. Please contact us for our sales manager in your area.


Your satisfaction is our success!