About Our Company

We are one of the major well-known tiles manufacturers and export the tiles, quartz composites and engineered marbles from world-class Indian manufacturers all over the world. The company RO-International was established in 2011 and registered good growth in nine years of time frame. We export the tiles to England, Poland, Middle East, Africa and Asia (e.g. Japan and Malaysia).

Our tiles are manufactured and certified as per European norms DIN EN 14411 and ISO 10545. Our target is not to be the cheapest in the market. That’s why we never compromise with quality. We believe in long-term business relations with our worldwide customers.

Our porcelain tiles are manufactured at 1200°C and ceramic tiles at 1000°C, and offer an extremely low porosity (0,2% with porcelain and 12% with ceramic) and good chemical and mechanical properties, like high durability and frost resistance. Extreme low porosity saves heating energy for up to 30%.

We have a team of tiles’ experts, who make sure that the best quality and prices are delivered to our global customers as per their requirements. Customer satisfaction is one of the key successes of Arayceramic.

With their creative and innovative designs, our products are unbeatable in the market. We are committed to regular improvements and also to building a long-standing relationship with our global customers. Any good relationship is based on trust, respect, and integrity. With these core values in mind, we hope to achieve the status of a true, all-round global exporter in the tiles industry.


To collaborate with our customers by providing them innovative and trendy designs, standard quality with competitive prices.


Our vision is to have a strong footprint in the global market by understanding the design imagination and quality requirements of our diversified customers

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